Get Your Energy With These Protein Infused Recipes!

If you work out regularly and are used for supplements, then you’re someone who’s familiar with the use of protein shakes. Depending on your body weight and the exercises you’re involved; your body requires a daily intake of a certain amount of protein for your muscle growth and recovery. For people who are engaged in intensive workouts require a higher capacity of protein in their daily routine. With the variety of options that are available to suffice this protein requirement, from powder to pills, many prefer powder supplements as their most wanted. Powder is a versatile option as it can be combines with the type of liquid and fruit of your choice. But do you ever get bored of the drinking endless smoothies? We have listed out some of the creative ways you can collaborate your supplement powder instead of the boring shakes and smoothies.

Coffeecake Pancake

You may wonder Coffeecake for breakfast?? Ask yourself “Why not?!” This recipe is sure to give you a kick start on your day and what’s more is that you’re bound to get applauses from the round table. Made with simple ingredients like oats, vanilla supplement powder, coffee powder, extracts of vanilla and coffee. You could even use plant based organic protein powder for a more vegan twist. To add more zing to your coffeecake pancake, you could add a simple frosting made with cheese and banana when stacking up your pancakes in form of a cake. Dust off with some coco powder and skip the maple syrup.

Muscle building mash

Hands down we all love the famous mash potatoes. It’s a dish that can be consumed daily (given the instance) or just as well as a comfort food. Here a way of spoiling yourself with this dish with less fat and more protein! For the best vegans, you could use plant based organic protein powder and opt for redskin potatoes as it contains less starch than the rest.

Rice crispy bites

Feeling energetic like a kid? Or just simply have irresistible sweet tooth? Here is a grownup way of enjoying and satisfying your sweet tooth without the sugar rush. This recipe includes, rice cereals and oats leaving out the marshmallows this time of course. Use honey and almond butter to bind the dry ingredients, line up your cupcake covers and freeze the bites before you could indulge in these tasty and healthy twist of the sweet bites.