Got A Malfunctioning Memory?

Are you one of those children who whine about forgetting everything? Even though you want to work hard, your brain is not supporting, is that it?

We have two types of memories; long-term memory and a short-term memory. The short-term memory loads things which we are doing at present. With the time, out short-term memory evades. But when it comes to the long-term memory, we remember some experiences we had in our entire life time. And this memory has a higher storage capacity than the short-term memory. However, it’s a well-known fact that we have an eidetic memory, which means we can remember objects, sounds or images without giving much effort.

However, if you are really worried about your memory, there are simple ways to improve it.

Try something new

Are you going on the same daily routine, doing the same old stuff? Then, this is time for a change. You have to stimulate your brain unless you won’t improve it. Try something new like buy hemp oil. Think! Don’t follow the same path everyone’s going. Create something new. It doesn’t matter even it’s a paper craft. All you need is to think.

Eat healthy

No matter what you do to improve your memory, you need to eat healthily. Avoid eating junk food and try eating food consist of nutrients like OMEGA3 consisted food, fresh fruits and vegetables. OMEGA 3 has the power of stimulating the brain. So, try to eat food such as shelled hemp seeds, fish, and walnuts more.

Hemp protein, known to be one of the most nutritious food in the world, contain protein, vitamins, essential facts etc. Therefore, your brain will be stimulated if you try something nutritious.

Be optimistic 

You have to be stress-free. Not just to improve your memory, but also to stay healthy. Negativity literary kills humans. You can’t be happy with anything. You feel dull, sad, and gloomy all the day. However, you don’t need a particular reason to be happy. Just be grateful that you are alive. If you are happy or you are thinking in a positive way, you’ll have a better memory. Try to be simple because I’m pretty sure that you don’t want to spend your entire lifetime learning how to live.

Get enough sleep

You need the power to think and a proper sleep is really essential for that. Try to have a sound sleep for 7 or 8 hours. This will make you feel refresh in the morning. A proper sleep boosts your brain and also your body. Therefore, if you are so eager to improve your memory, don’t forget to have enough sleep.