Preventing Road Accidents

While we have all been told about the basic things we need to do and avoid doing to prevent road accidents such as not drinking and driving, following all road rules correctly and so on, there is usually little we can do to prevent the next driver from doing something illegal, drinking and driving or breaking road rules. In most cases where you are involved in a road accident that involved a drunk driver or someone else breaking the road rules you will find that you might not get everything you are owed due to not acting soon enough, lack of evidence or simply the fact that it is your word against the other guys.

How to react during a motor accident

Although they are mostly unknown, there are many preventive measures you can take prior to an accident occurring where you can protect yourself in terms of evidence. One of them involves having car cameras installed beforehand on your cars dash board and rear that will be recording everything that is happening and will later serve as evidence in a court case. Insurance companies will often go out of their way to avoid paying you what is due to you and the other person involved in the accident may react similarly. Therefore having the footage of the incident will help your case significantly and help you to get what you are owed.

These little useful and inexpensive car cameras act similarly to CCTV camera installed in big buildings, offices, busy streets and hotels. They will permanently keep recording all that happens and keep automatically updating data to a pre allocated storage unit that can be used in case of a motor accident.

Although having these little gadgets are all well and good, you will need to report the accident irrespective of who is at fault immediately to the nearest police station and to the insurance company you are registered with. In most cases, if not reported immediately, your insurance company will refuse to pay you what they owe you as they will claim reasonable doubt or claim that you were drunk while driving even though you were not. As soon as you report an incident, your insurance company will be at the scene and will test you and the other driver for alcohol by conducting a breathalyzer test. If when you call the insurance company a certain amount of time has passed, then the company will claim invalidity of the breathalyzer test and will avoid payment to you irrespective of all your monthly payments to the company.