All About Laser Cutting

Lasers are used for many kind of materials especially metals such as steel, aluminium and others. The reason why laser cutting is preferred over other methods of cutting is because of its precision and neatness.

How does laser cut work?

The laser uses the beam of the laser that is infra-red and therefore, it is not visible to the human eyes. The machinery of the laser cutting is designed in such a way that the beam is focused on the material. This focus could be done using various kind of the lenses such as the curved mirror. The laser produces the heat which results either in the melting or the vaporization of the material. A computer controller is attached to the laser cutting machine, on which the intensity along with cutting method is defined and controlled from. The movement of the laser is also handled by this computer controller.

What are the applications of the laser cutting?

The most common industry in which the laser cutting is in use is the manufacturing industry where there is immense need for the precise cutting of various structures used. Although there have been the use of the laser cutting in different other industries as well.

What are the benefits of the laser cutting?


In different methods of the cutting, there is usually change of tools or settings required to cut various materials but with the laser cutting, you can use one setting to cut various kind of the materials and different thickness and shapes.

Precise cutting:

The manufacturing of many structures require high precision and the laser cutting precision is up to 0.1. and not only this is for some cuts but no matter how many times you use the laser cutting machine for cutting, every time it will give the same result.

Automatic and fast:

Laser cutting is fastest cutting techniques especially when the cuts are highly complex. Since most of the work is done through the controller and there is only one operator is required therefore, most of the work is automated with the laser cutting machine and due to which the speed is increased and effort is reduced. However, it is important that a person who is experienced and trained to operate the laser cutting machine is aligned on this so that the accurate and quality products could be made.

No contamination:

In many other cutting material, the cutting machine touches the material which is to be cut. This could cause the cross contamination in the materials but in case of the laser cutting since no other material comes in contact so it is free from all kinds of contamination. Go right here to find out more details.