How Does People Usually Smoke Weed?

If unlike many of your day to day acquaintances and family members and friends, you still remain a untouched by the green spirit, this is a guide to enlighten you, and bring you out of the deep dark shadows of the unknown. The practice of smocking weed has come a long way and has evolved with time, if you’re not completely out in the dark, you might be familiar with terms such as rolling paper, blazing and the puff-puff pass theory, if not let’s consider the fact that nobody was born knowing everything and that you are on your path to become one of the many confidants of ‘Maryjane’ (another name for her, the green goddess!’

As mentioned earlier, the most wide-spread method of smoking weed, Is by making your own hand-rolled ‘joint’ which is the equivalent to a tobacco cigarette, but it is not manufactured but closer to more of a hand-made aesthetic, but in the new time and era human developed bongs, used to smoke weed in the form of vapour, and this is known to be the best way to smoke weed as it provides with the essence of weed captured in a glass bong which is evaporated by boiling water and it is directly inhaled without having the weed being burned and quickly consumed as it would be done by smoking a joint. Bongs although preferred and famous among weed-smokers, are not easy to DIY and are not available in every part of the world, as it is known that in most countries, smoking weed is still considered an illegal and punishable offence (but that doesn’t stop pot-heads, from getting their fix) so the good news is for anyone interested in purchasing they could find bongs online from Oz Smoke. By being a little extra smart, Bongs can disguise to be a certain piece of a very artistic and expensive ornament, so it shouldn’t be an issue to get one delivered right to your doorstep.

Back to the basic rules of smoking weed, whether you decide to roll it up in a paper and smoke it as a joint, or to smoke your green-power in a bong, or even if you want to become a pro at vaping, one thing every weed-lover would know as a rule of thumb is that not a single bit of piece of a weed nugget should go to waste, because weed is better than all the diamonds and gold! As a member of an evolved generation of humans, I shall pass on to you dear reader, another piece of wisdom from one pot head to another, once you settle your idea on your preferred method of smoking, you must invest in a weed grinder, there are several options available online for different types of grinders with options that help to optimize the weed smoking experience.

Once you invest in a grinder, none of the weed purchased would go to waste, you will have just the right amount of weed, finely grinded for an enjoyable experience of smoking weed. And last but not least, before you smoke-up, make sure to have your favourite junk-food around you, because you are going to devour it all!