Setting Up A Smoking Zone At Your Cafe

While smoking is frowned upon publicly, as a business owner who runs a café, you might want to entice smoking customers to have a reason to linger at your café a bit longer. There are different kinds of smoking supplies you can look at; before you open a smoking section at your café you also need to have the requisite license and permit to run the same.

Smoking suppliesIn order to provide the right ambience in a smoking room you need not do much. However, flavored hookah smoking is popular amongst youngsters and that is something that can add a decorative appeal to your smoking room as well. Ensure that the location is such that the smoke does not pollute the other seating sections. Offering smokers a separate section will not only help you get more customers, but be able to segregate them from other customers. You can create a lounge like environment with relaxed sofas or couches and coffee tables; place ashtrays as well as trash cans on the sides filled with sands that help to douse out smoke hookah australia

Restrictions and safety measuresEven if you do allow customers to smoke in a certain section in your café, ensure that you follow all safety requirements. Fire hazards are sometimes paramount for which most eateries do not have smoking sections these days. Even if you are allowed to have such a section in your cafe, have a building inspector come by and ensure that you have taken the right steps to make the smoking zone a safe area. You also need to supervise your guests discretely; even if you do buy hookah in Australia and place them here, ensure that customers know how to use them. To learn more about hookahs please visit 

Mishandling should be prevented; have staff personnel to help out customers who are trying out hookah smoking for the first time. If you are wondering what kind of set up you can have for your smoking section, this can vary. It could be a closed corner of your café or somewhere by the outdoors. Selecting an outdoor section ensures that the smoke does not enter your cafe premises. This also makes it safer as per building permits and restrictions. You could also offer a flavored hookah menu for the perusal of your guests. Flavored smoke is often harmless and can be indulged by other customers as well. Ensure hygienic usage of these devices so that contagious pollutants are not spread through such apparatus. Many colorful and unique designs of hookahs can be sourced here