The Interesting Relationship Between Fashion And Globalization

The world is said to be globalized since the inception of two centuries back and all of us are a part of it. Most people have doubts with regard to the definition given to the word ‘globalization’. The word ‘globalization’ can be simply defined to mean the increase of the interaction between countries in the world. Fashion is also a very modern topic that is been debated and discussed very often and an interesting relationship can be drawn between the two topics, namely fashion and globalization.

Merging borders

The merging borders indirectly means the main aspect of globalization and the same aspect can be seen in the fashion world too. Few decades back there were peculiar types of fashion in different countries. But consequent to easy communication and interaction brought by globalization, fashion has become easily accessible to all corners of the world and the way of dressing and grooming up by people in the different parts of the world are getting somewhat similar day by day. It is seen that most of the fashion prevalent in the western cultures are being inculcated by the other cultures.

Dynamism of trends

Before the globalization fashion spread among the people vertically, from top to bottom as the class system of the society was prevalent those days. Fashion houses were accessed by the high class people while the people in the lower class used to imitate the fashion of the upper classes. But with the industrialization the class system gradually faded away and fashion become generally available to people as a whole. In contrast to the past we can see that fashion has become a very sensitive subject to the people in the world as a whole. With the social networking apps the spread of fashion has been converted in to a very easily accessible yet competitive subject. The dynamism of the trends can further be proved by the small example of how fast the trend of septum clicker spread around the world.

Production and distribution

Production and distribution of products and services related to fashion is also a topic which can manifest the relationship between fashion and globalization. It is seen that the manufacturing processes of famous apparel brands are spread beyond boundaries and the employees around the world contribute in different ways to produce and distribute items that are inherent to the fashion world such as jewelry, apparel, shoes, ornaments, etc. Branch networks of different manufacturers are situated in different countries which suggests that globalization is largely connected with fashion.