Things That Happen To Your Body When You Give Up Smoking

In the past, smoking was extremely common among young people but as time went by scientists and medical professional began to realize just what this habit was doing to the human body. Smoking has been linked to various diseases and complication, the most serious of which is lung cancer that has taken numerous lives throughout the years. As time went by, in the past decade or so, the smoking habit has reduced significantly among young people however it still persists to a certain extend and we as a society cannot stop creative awareness until smoking is no longer something that is heard of in society.

Giving it all up

Most people do not know this but in the moment that you give up smoking, your body starts changing as early as twenty minutes after you have stopped smoking. Twenty minutes after you quit this dangerous habit, your pulse, your blood pressure and your body temperature begins to become what it should be as opposed to what it is when you are smoking. Many people will turn to vapour cigarettes to help them through this difficult period but it is always better to try to do this without an alternative because these alternatives are often just as dangerous as the cigarette itself, only in different ways.

Withdrawal can be extremely difficult and it can often seem like you are losing your mind during this time. It can be difficult to think, difficult to work and you can often go in to temporary depression because your body no longer knows how to survive without the nicotine in your body. If you are feeling extremely bad, you can maybe consider visiting an online vape shop and buying the safest alternative that you can find as an effective solution to get you through this period however it is always advisable for you to try and manage without these things.

Within as little as eight hours after you have quit smoking, the nicotine levels in your blood have already dropped significantly, sometimes as low as six point two five percent of the regular high levels that you would have in your body as a regular smoker which is a drop of nearly ninety three point seven five percent which means that in less than a day, your body has eliminated the majority of the chemical in your blood. Within as little as twelve hours, your oxygen levels in your blood stream have increased to the normal level it should be and the carbon monoxide in your blood has dropped to its normal levels.