Tips On Gift Ideas For Children Under 4

Having a new baby arrive in your life brings a lot of joy and memories. While having your own child would feel like you’ve created a miracle, even a niece, nephew or a godchild isn’t less of a blessing. Having a little person enter your life brings a lot of responsibilities that you never felt would be yours. Suddenly you’re aware of all the danger that’s lurking in the house (like the “scary stairs” and the “dangerous desk drawers”) and the surrounding. It also means you have one extra person to shop for from this year forwards! Shopping for children can be more fun and less stressful than when shopping for adults; and it really makes a difference. But if you are truly clueless about what to gift the little person, then read ahead for our tips and ideas.
Gift ideas for newborns and baby showers.Baby showers are a little complicated because here you’re gifting both the baby and its mama. It has to be something practical, useful or sweet. Finding a gift that has all three of these qualities is a win. Opt for something like a baby monitor; it’s useful and kind of sweet, as you’re thinking of the baby’s safety as well. You can also go for something like a baby gift hamper that includes all the pampering essentials a baby will need. Buying gifts for newborns can be a little tricky if you don’t know the baby’s gender. In this case, opt for gifts that can be used for both genders and go for neutral colors like yellows or greens if you plan on buying gifts like clothes or booties. Soft toys are the ideal gift in our opinion for newborns. Opt for the towel like toys (sometimes called clutch toys); these will be easy for the baby to grasp.
Naming ceremonies.This also includes baptizing and christening ceremony gifts as well. This is where you pull out your creativity. By now you should know the baby’s gender, so you can be a little more specific about what to get him or her. Though we prefer DIY gifts, we do understand that not everyone has the time or creativity for it. Opt for buying baptism gifts online in this case. You can customize it too. But if you feel like you can manage to find your creativity, or that buying your baptism gifts online won’t make it personal enough, then handmade name frames or bracelets are ideal. You can get your bracelets made with the baby’s name engraved. Barefoot sandals and customized photo frames also make cute gifts for these occasions.
For toddlers and kids under 4.This is our favorite category to shop for! While with newborns you had to be careful about toys that may accidently hurt them, here the children are old enough to hold the toy properly. Most toys will make personalized christian gifts. Try not to buy gifts that’ll make too much noise (unless you don’t mind the baby’s parents plotting your death that is!) or that has parts that are too small. Building blocks, fit-the-shape toys and colors are the popular toys for this age group. Clothes are a fun option too (if you know the right size), as they have a lot of options with cool and cute slogans. Always try to get clothes that you may feel is one size bigger than the size you need as children grow fast, and they might have grown since the last time you saw them…